Thursday 18 April 2019

Three Bridges and a Viaduct...

Another warm dry day, and another day on the motorbike. Over to the Dales today, with a theme of taking photos of bridges. Although a couple of other subjects seem to have crept in. A lot quieter than yesterday in the Lakes even in Dent village centre....tomorrow may be different, but we plan to be somewhere even quieter then.
Here are the three bridges....oh and a viaduct...and a motorbike.....

My Honda NC700X, I've owned it for 2 years now and find it excellent for the type of motorcycling I do. There are 2 big pluses for me...What appears to be a fuel tank is in fact 20lit of storage (the fuel is under the seat) and the average fuel consumption of over 80mpg! 

Lincoln's Inn bridge over the River Lune, it carries the A684 between Kendal and Sedbergh.

Millthrop Bridge over the River Rawthey  on the way from Sedbergh towards Dentdale

I was distracted from bridges by the wonderful shapes in the bed of the River Dee! 

Stone House Bridge over the River Dee, although today there was barely a streams worth.
Sadly this bridge suffers regularly from "hits" by modern traffic, indeed the top stones on the downstream have almost all just been replaced.

.....and a viaduct. This is Dent Head Viaduct, and of course carries the Settle-Carlisle Railway.
I'd had a chillout day, and enjoyed the peace of Dentdale.

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