Sunday, 7 April 2019

Muker to Keld (Almost) Beside the Swale

A real dull start to the day, even though I left it late to set off. Dense low cloud over the Buttertubs and cloud cloaking the moors as I dropped into Swaledale. Its a long time since I've done this least 5 years I think? The promise was for the day to improve, and so it did.

One of many Dales barns on this route.

At this point as you look up Swaledale, I was thinking it wasn't going to get out, the low cloud clinging resolutely to the tops.

Here below Swinnergill looking back down the Swale.

One of the small falls in Swinnergill.

It's a bit of a climb from Swinnergill up to Crackpot Hall, which appears to have had some consolidation work done.

The old "Fergie" has seen better days!

The falls below East Stonesdale,much photographed by both C2C and Pennine Way walkers.

Across the Swale to the old lead mine workings below Beldi Hill.

Probably the last farm to fall in disuse in this part of Swaledale..such a shame.

A last look back up the dale to Swinnergill and Hall Edge.
The day had improved as forecast, the sun making an appearance an making the day feel more like Spring. This is a splendid walk, relatively easy just two climbs neither very long or steep...up the East side of the valley back down the West.

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