Sunday 3 November 2013

A Night at Gregs Hut

This has been a long time on the to do list...So yesterday evening with  we parked at Kirkland under the dark slopes of Cross Fell. It was tipping it down as we set off up the bridleway which contours round the North side of Cross Fell. There aren't any Photo's of the walk camera stayed in the dry!

We arrived at Gregs Hut just before it got properly dark. (Sorry about the grainy pic, it's a miracle it took one at all!)

Ian keeping an eye on the stove, the MBA (no doubt Dick Phillips in particular) have improved Gregs Hut immeasurably since I first visited this shelter over 30 years ago.

The weather was considerably better this morning, the view to the East lit up by the early morning sun.

Here just entering the low cloud which was sat stubbornly on Cross Fell. We made a beeline for the summit.

It wasn't long before we were in the shelter on the summit of Cross Fell. A compass bearing roughly Southeast, led us off in the direction of Litttle Dun Fell.

Turning Southwest at the col on the indistinct bridleway we soon dropped below the cloud. The upper Eden valley enjoying a sunny morning.

The bridleway becomes more obvious the further you walk along it, as we looked out to the West to the Lakes hills Blencathra had recieved a scattering of snow or hail overnight.

Here we are just about to drop off  Wild Boar Edge to descend to the Eden valley. 

In the centre of the picture are the "Hanging Walls of Mark Anthony".....not worthy of a visit on there own in my humble opinion!

Back almost at the car, in the lane which we had walked up 24hrs before in rather different conditions.


  1. Yep...certainly was, and not only in hindsight!!

  2. The photo in taken in the bothy, next to the stove: what has Ian got on his feet? It looks like cosy footwear.
    Looks like a fine little foray btw!

  3. looks cosy and at least you got some visibility.

  4. Hi JJ,
    Those are Ian's feet :-)) Sorry couldn't resist!! They're Down Booties from an American Co. I can't remember who, I've just texted him to find out!! I'll post on here when he gets back to me. I know he was glad he'd taken them, His feet were rather wet when we arrived at the hut!

    Hi Alan
    The room with the stove and the sleeping platform is relatively small, so it soon warmed up once the stove got going. Nice and stormy outside to which made the trip all the more worthwhile.

  5. Hi again JJ
    Ian tells me they're Sierra Designs, he got them ages ago from Cotswold Rock Bottom in Grasmere.

  6. Great to see Greg's hut still giving shelter and enjoyment.
    My wife and I attended a number of the renovation work parties and were present at the huts opening which was attended by Greg's mum who was I in her 80's, at the time and was transported to the hut in a Land Rover.

  7. Hi Geoff, a big thank-you is due for the effort by yourself and others at those work parties.
    Greg's is looking as good as I can remember, (as I said above over 30 years!) its a great place, a safe haven on a stormy night.
    Thanks again