Sunday 10 November 2013

Langcliffe to Stainforth (and Back!)

Todays stroll was conducted under almost cloud free skies. We left Langcliffe and walked down to cross the River Ribble and head North on its West bank before crossing Stainforth Bridge. Our return was through the old quarry and Hoffmann limekiln, a must visit for anyone who appreciates industrial archaeology.

Looking North from the footbridge over the Ribble, below Langcliffe.

Quite alot of water in the Ribble this morning

Stainforth Bridge from Stainforth Force.

Inside the Hoffmann limekiln, and this is less than half of it!

The quarry which supplied the limestone for the kiln, now being reclaimed by nature.

The beech trees today in the wonderful light gave the appearance of being on fire!

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