Monday, 13 April 2020

Social Distance Walks 014/015/016

 See I said there would be more walking type posts!
More local exercise walks, yet again the good weather continues...we'll pay for all these dry "lockdown" days. At the risk of repeating images from previous posts, on these rambles (at speed, they are exercise after all) I have concentrated on the closer interest in the main rather than distant views.
Please excuse/correct me if I have any of the plant names incorrect..hope you enjoy the photos...

Thursdays walk was North along the Lancaster Canal to Farleton.
A canal milestone, 10 miles to Lancaster...although you'd have to cross the M6 a couple of times risking...death! There are less dangerous alternatives , although these will add to the total distance.

The pair of Mute Swans have built a huge nest on the canal at Farleton.

Lesser Celandines


Back along Emsfield and Old Lanes. these tractor tyre imprints caught my eye..clear to see how dry the ground has become.

The Horse Chestnut down the lane in growing at an incredible rate...compared to an earlier post. There is approx 9" of growth on these branches in a fortnight.

Easter Sunday and a rapid trip up and down Farleton Knott just over an hour up and down.
 These are Hartshead Ferns I think aka Mother-in-Laws Tongue.

Looking East from the true summit...From L-R Barbon Fells, Great Coum, Ingleborugh.

The summit crags from below

One of a number of cast iron mile markers on the A6070 as I headed back to the village.

Mayflower aka Lady's Smock, early I think for round here?

Today (Easter Sunday) I headed West the woods behind Hale being my target.
The hedgerows are really Springing (see what I did there!) into life.
This is Hazel on a freshly laid hedge in Old Lane.


Jack in the Hedge

Fresh Sycamore leaves, what a wonderful colour.

Ragged Robin...He's a good Old Boy (that's an in joke for one particular viewer)


The "crossroads" just inside Hale Wood...I actually took a path which isn't on any of the above!

Newly opened Beech leaves, is there anything which indicates Spring is here more than this?

Backlight Dogs Mercury

The dilapidated bridge as I headed back home across The Mosses, Farleton Knott in the distance.

Willow Flower
Back up to date with the walks and rides...there is I believe more wild/bird life to be seen in these troubled times. A byproduct of less vehicles and just generally less human traffic in all its forms perhaps? It might of course with less background noise and intrusion more is noticed. Either way it's welcome.
Tek Care and Stay Safe.

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