Wednesday 29 May 2019

Pen-y-ghent and Plover Hill

An early start (well for me) today. The forecast was for a worsening kinda day, the rain would take longer to arrive in the East so off to Horton-in-Ribblesdale I went. Parking was easy! it is half-term after all.
It seemed only recently that I'd been up Pen-y-ghent, but having checked my records when I returned was last January! Time fly's when you're having fun :-)
Poor light today so the images are nothing special, just a record for me really...

Pen-y-ghent from Horton Bridge

Having walked up the lane past the school and through Brackenbottom, once on Brackenbottom Scar the view opens up and Pen-y-ghent starts to look rather closer.

Looking back down the "nose" over Gavel Rigg and beyond to Pendle Hill.

Just an hour to reach the top, and over in the distance...Plover Hill, my next target. You soon leave the crowds behind when you leave the main drag here.

After the recent dry weather I expected the path across to Plover Hill to be dryer than it was...I just managed to do it with dry feet in my Inov8's...lots of dodging about to achieve it though.

Having had a snack behind the summit wall out of the chilly wind I descended beside the wall to the Foxup Moor track, passing these boulders on the edge. Ingleborough in the distance.

Along the Foxup track and the next sight of note...Hull Pot. Lots of new stones have been brought down by Hull Pot Beck. I was told that earlier this year that it had filled Hull Pot completely! 

I had to walk about 250m upstream to find any water in the beck at all today...attractive little fall though. Within 10m or so all the water disappears through the stones and gravel in the bed of the beck.
Back to Hull Pot and down the lane to Horton and the car. The first spots of rain were just starting as I arrived at the car...the early start had paid off.

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