Wednesday, 20 March 2019

No Boring Hills...Only Boring People?

I remember reading this many years ago, I think in one of Hamish Brown's books. Many folk either wouldn't "waste" their time, or say that the 2 hills I climbed today were indeed boring. But I beg to differ, they both took me to areas that I seldom visit these days. If I wasn't ticking off Synge's I doubt I would ever have climbed either of them. they were both out and back walks. A couple of pictures from the day.....

The summit of Latrigg (not the Keswick one!) it s a little East of Binsey. Surprisingly it has a cairn..there is no public path to, or anywhere near the summit and sadly it's not access land. So as is the tradition on this blog there is no mention of my route.

I then drove West...ish to climb Embleton High Common. I parked near High Harrot Farm and walked up the good track which helpfully takes you up to the access land near these 2 Scots pines.

It was only a few hundred metres across the fell to the summit of Embleton High Common 319m. As you can see from the image the cloud was down, no cairn here my poles are stuck in the highpoint...even though it doesn't look it!
The weather improved once back at the car, so I drove round to Buttermere. I'll make that a separate post.

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