Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Synge's on the Fringes of the Northern Fells

It was windy that's an was ****ing wild! As I'm writing this up I still feel battered. It's been a worthwhile day though, another 4 Synge's bagged although I'd planned 5 :-( I'm into single figures left now, The ones left to do now are bit scattered mind. It's a miracle that all my pictures weren't badly blurred, here's a few images from the day.

I parked at the end of the road in Mosedale and set off West...into a vicious headwind. The actual hill I was going to climb is beyond the heather clad slope in the middle of the photo.

Having walked up the quad track over Cocklakes, I contoured round the head of Burdell Gill and at last the top I was aiming for Pike was looking a bit closer. Its seen here infront of Lonscale Pike...(I'm presuming folk will know which one that is!!)

At last he summit of Pike, Carrock Fell looks quite pointy from this angle.
The wind would be behind me on the way back...thank goodness.

Back round Burdell Gill, and over Coomb Height. I descended the ridge back to the waiting car.

A drive round via Caldbeck to park on the Southern Edge of Aughertree Fell. Then only a short walk to Mickle Rigg...I would say this clump of rushes is the highpoint. The sheet of water in the distance is Overwater. I would be over there later (no pun intended!)
This is the summit of Lowthwaite Fell, Binsey in the background. There is no access to this one so no route description I'm afraid. It was still windy, and by the shape of the grown out hedge it often is!

It was then a rather convoluted route to Castle How, another trespass required to visit the top. this is the  view from the summit looking more or less Northeast.
From here I descended to the road near Orthwaite, and walked back along the lanes to the car, again with the wind behind me. I'd planned another top, but basically just felt knackered!! Not like me :-(
Always good to be out and at least it stayed dry.


  1. I think you did amazingly well. Even with the wind behind you it was damned hard work. I don’t think we even found much of a leeward side anywhere. The one pleasing thing was that it stayed dry. A blessing. I think tomorrow it will start to calm down and going higher will be more enjoyable.

    1. Yes the forecast looks calmer. I think we'll be having an easy day tomorrow... possibly over to Eskdale/Ravenglass. We'll see in the morning.