Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Midweek Fat BIke Fun Day....Kentmere

Coldest morning of this Winter here in the South Lakes! Sunny off I drove to Staveley (its so handy for me, and no traffic). I parked near Barley Bridge and got the bike out of the car. In the few minutes it took to get sorted I was pretty was -7c so no wonder! Little wind as I pedalled off and took the bridleway through Scroggs Farm. Then it was up through Elf is almost always the case, here's some pics to give a flavour of the day

 I didn't have a proper plan at this point above Elf Howe on Hall Lane, but thought I'd see how icy the tracks were with a possibility of heading up to Nan Bield after Green Quarter Fell.

The first section almost over here above Skeggles Water.
The snow very dry and powdery, providing lots of giggles, on the fatbike you just can't help being a kid on a BMX again :-)
Not total snow cover on the descent to Green Quarter, the sun had a fair bit of power in it...although not enough to melt the large ice patches.
The Coniston Fells are in the background.

A little further down and the head of Kentmere fills the view. My mind was mainly on avoiding the ice! Lots of it here as you can see.

I made the decision to head towards Nan Bield, but time seemed to be running away. To much playing about I think. I stopped here beside Ullstone Gill for a snack on the way back down.

As I headed back down the valley I took a diversion up to Kentmere Park and down "The Three Rivers" to Ullthwite Bridge
The sun had gone replaced by cloud, colder as well.
It was back down the road to the car from Ullthwaite....still below freezing when I got in the car!
The Strava track is here should anyone wish to see my route in more detail.
A great fun day, this bike always puts a smile on my face...makes me feel 16 not 60!!

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