Thursday, 5 October 2017

A Bit of a Hike...Followed By a Bit of Bike

Finding myself free for the day at short notice and with the weather looking superb, I decided on a walk first then a ride on the bike later. Having parked on the top of Kirkstone I headed east.....

Once on St. Ravens Edge the way forward is laid out before you, together with a grand view down towards Patterdale.

As the path dips to the head of Woundale there were a number of bags of rocks...looks like the path is going to be repaired.

I had lunch here sheltering behind the wall from the stiff breeze.
The Southern reaches of Windermere is visible in the distance.

The summit of Caudale Moor. The Helvellyn range seen to the left of the cairn.

I then crossed over some very wet ground (its done nowt but rain for ages!)to Stoney Cove Pike.
As a lad I knew all this area as "John Bells Banner" was what my Grandad called it!!
I reversed the route back to the car.
After the short drive home I had a coffee and slab of Soreen (other maltloafs are available!) got changed and went out on the bike towards Warton Crag. 

Beside the view indicator on Arnside Knott looking Northwest.
There was as ever recently a hell of a wind!
This is my 60th Birthday present to myself, (albeit a bit after the fact) a Spa Elan. Not purchased to replace any of my other machines but for a specific purpose.....which I think it will suit admirably. There will be more posts on this in the future I'm sure This was my first proper ride on it and I must say so far I'm very pleased :-)

From high on the Knott it was back to sea level, after a pause on the Stone pier I headed back home well satisfied with my use of the day.


  1. Nice outing. I too know it as John Bell's Banner, always have. I recall a very steep pull up to there directly from the road opposite Sykeside campsite.
    Nice birthday present too.

    1. Hi Alan, yes that's a steep pull for sure!
      Enjoying the bike, It's a bit of an indulgance....But Hey!