Thursday 31 August 2017

Mooching Round the Mines at Nenthead

Over to Nenthead in the North Pennines, and the heart of the lead mineral mining area today. I was with old mate Bill, although I visit Nenthead on a fairly regular basis lots of todays walk was new to both of us. We were blessed with the weather, here's a few pictures of the day.....

Carrs Level (I think!) As I understand it, this is the entrance used for the mine tours...Approx 10 days a year....I need to get on one of these sometime!

Looking back down towards Nenthead from the entrance to Carrs level

The entrance to Smallcleugh Mine and to its right the remains of the Smithy/mine shop.

Bill further up Old Carrs Burn

Mine Tub in Middlecleugh Mine

The smaller of the 2 reservoirs built to supply water to the mines

Another Level, Brownley Hill Mine

The public fountain in the centre of the village.
Hadn't they ever though about carrying a sports bottle of expensive water everywhere with them! 

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