Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Couple of Easily Bagged Marilyns

Well easy is relative of course . these 2 small hills required a round trip of just over 300 miles! The weather was excellent, an ideal day for a good long ride on the motorbike. The Marilyns gave me a target for the day.
I took the road over Hartside, not many bikes as I was quite early. After a brew I pressed on.

Through Alston and Across the West Allen river

Across by Rothbury which was very busy and after a number of minor roads I'd never been on before I parked up below Ros Castle.

Not the most testing of ascents. But an interesting plaque and another tick!

A shame it was hazy, I would imagine you'd see across to the North Sea.

I was soon back at the bike, the motorbike jacket was warm to say the least. I guess it must weigh at least 2kg! with all the armour etc.

Down to the seaside at Berwick-on-Tweed.

Then it was up the A1 a couple of miles before  making my way up onto Lamberton Hill....not the most photogenic of hills. Like Ros Castle earlier its an old hill fort.

The view to the North held more of interest across to Ayton Hill with its coms mast.
Back home from here, via Duns, Kelso, Hawick, Langholm and the M6.
A grand day out :-)

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