Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tarn Crag

A later start than I planned! But with patches of blue sky appearing I walked round Butterlyp Howe and along Easedale Road as I headed West out of Grasmere. It had rained heavily during the night, Easedale Beck was over the path in a couple of places.

Helm Crag from the start of the Easedale Tarn path.

Sour Milk Gill was quite a sight, (no pics I'm afraid) although I saw it through a heavy hail shower. Here the shower has passed and is over Helm Crag here in the background.

Once at Easedale Tarn I felt the full force of the wind, a good viewpoint for Tarn Crag.

Beyond the tarn and into upper Easedale, the prominent feature is Belles Knott...almost flat from behind!

I had no real plan and was just out for a wander, but once above the steep climb out of Easedale I decided to have a look at Codale Tarn. It seems like ages since I've been there but actually only a couple of years!

I'd brought the Deschutes Tarp with me for a bit of shelter whilst I had my lunch. I also wanted to see how difficult/easy it was to pitch in windy conditions...with cold hands as it happened!
It went up very easy, I was able to enjoy a draught free lunch as another heavy hail shower passed through.

A by-product of the shower was this rather good image of the footprint of the Deschutes! The poles are set at 122.5cm for scale!

Its only a short climb from the tarn to the ridge to Tarn Crag. There were good views to the South over to the Coniston Fells beyond the Blea Rigg ridge

The summit of tarn Crag is barely any higher than lots of other outcrops on the ridge. It does however offer a grand vista to the East, to Fairfield and Helvellyn.

There are no problems on the mainly grassy east ridge, it offers a splendid walk. I then dropped down into Far Easedale.

The light was fading as I walked down Far Easedale and back to the car in Grasmere.

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