Sunday 28 December 2014

Rough Stuff Fellowship Ride from Tewitfield

Icy roads greeted me this morning as I rode from home to Tewitfield to meet the others. I actually didn't quite make it to the meeting point meeting Gwen, Ken, John & Ian beside the canal at the bottom of the old locks.

Back the way I'd just ridden a few minutes before beside the Lancaster Canal.

Once off the canal towpath we climbed up through Holme Park Fell.

Which once over the top gave us access to a good descent down towards Lupton.

We then had the misfortune to "ride" this overgrown lane to Lupton Bridge....there were a lot of thorns!

...Which meant a lot of pun###res! this is John repairing the 4th!
As always other members of the group give "Helpful" advice during repairs! :-))

Down to cross Lupton Beck. Before climbing back over the back of Farleton Knott.

As we descended towards Clawthorpe we took the bridleway across Burton Fell.

This is an excellent bridleway, giving a good (although muddy) descent to Burton-in-Kendal.
After a short section of roadwork we were back at the canal. I said my goodbyes and rode home, the others riding back to Tewitfield on the canal towpath.
Thanks to all concerned for a great and entertaining day.


  1. Yes I was wondering why caught you up on Lancaster Canal, I can see why from interesting detour from Lupton, I did three of tracks you did plus four sections on the towpath of the Lancaster Canal, manage to get in two cafe stops and no puctures, plus took plenty of photos not bad day out!

    I like the snow photos in the last post.

    By way who Ideal was it to do overgrown track up Lupton Bridge? As there plenty better tracks around the Lupton area with less thorns!

  2. It was certainly a grand day to be out. It's always good to ride new ground, once at least!
    Everyone seemed to enjoy the ride which is the main thing

  3. Looks a lovely ride indeed, shame about the thorns tho.
    It was really treacherous here with the icy conditions, I bailed on leading the Lancs ride since a fall at 32 weeks pregnant wouldn't be the best idea - and a good job I didnt make the drive up since there was only one person turned up (luckily she was stopping at her mum's in that area).
    Nice to have some wintry weather for a change tho - we kind of missed out last year.

    1. Hi Georgie,
      Better safe than sorry! It was pretty cold, but only the tarmac sections were dodgy really. With hindsight Ian and I agreed that we should have had a joint ride with yourselves really.
      Have a great New Year :-)

    2. Well, I certainly had less punctures ;-)
      I'll be doing the same route again later in the year - probably quite an easy one compared with most SLakes routes, but it'll be a good one for me getting back into cycling fitness after having to cut down this winter.

      Very best wishes to you for the new year too. I'm looking forward to doing up my vintage Raleigh moped and trying my hand at a different set of wheels.

    3. Vintage moped eh....not sure that's in the sprit of off-road cycle touring! :-))
      I jest...although be good to get behind into a headwind.
      Nice tracks and lanes, home territory for me. So I know most of them well.