Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Backpackers Club Treasure Hunt

Last weekend I took part with my mate @ianwood2011 in the annual Backpackers Club Treasure Hunt. This year based at Tarn Foot, Nr Loughrigg in the Lakes. This is a great event, Ian had taken part several times in the past but for me it was a first time. A good few years ago we had moderate success in Mountain Marathons, but this is a far more civilised affair! I would recommend having a go to anyone who likes to use their brains as well as their feet! It isn't of course a fixed route you can visit as many (or as few) clues as you wish in any order. Your choice of overnight camp also up to you.

Having left Tarn Foot, we decided to mop up the majority of low lying clues on Loughrigg and the Waterhead area before heading higher. Here we're approaching the bench (occupied) near Lily Tarn which held a clue! 

Skirting Ambleside and heading for Low Grove above Stock Ghyll....the cloud was taking some time to lift

We crossed the "Struggle" and headed off up the broad ridge towards Snarker Pike, picking up clues as we went.

Another clue claimed near the summit of Snarker Pike and with the cloud cleared an excellent view across to Red Screes and Kirkstone Pass.

Ian jotting down the answer to the clue on the summit of Red Screes, looking North towards Brotherswater.

We then descended to Scandale Pass, we had contemplated an overnight camp at Scandale Tarn.

It was a bit wild at the tarn, and we had some time in hand so pressed on. thinking we would camp somewhere on Bakestones Moss.....

In the end we camped a little North of the Moss, it was a bit of a bumpy pitch.
The Deschutes was very good in the wind, very little movement, pitched tight to the ground as this photo shows. Not me at my tidiest as you can see!

We got cracking early and were on top of Fairfield just after 9am to collect the highest prized clue.
We were surprised to find a women camped beside the cairn.....I can think of smoother places to pitch a tent!!

Retracing our steps back over Hart Crag and Dove Crag we then descended the ridge over High and Low Pikes collecting more clues before dropping down to High Sweden Bridge.

We collected one or two more clues as we made our way back to Tarn Foot, being careful to arrive back before 2pm therefore not being penalised for late arrival.

And to the winners the spoils....we managed to win.
This is the Tom Pape trophy.

Ian and I had enjoyed a great weekend.
Thanks to Colin who organised the event this year.

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