Monday, 20 May 2013

Mount Keen By Mountain Bike

It has long been an ambition to 'climb' one of the Munro's (and descend) by mountain bike. By common concensus the best/easiest peak for this madness is Mount Keen. So I got parked up near Millfield in Glen Tanar and unloaded the bike.

The Inbred 29er ready to go, no suspension on this baby!

Its a very easy ride up through the magnificent pinewoods in Glen Tanar. The above is the 'Half Way Hut'
amazingly about halfway to the summit of Mount Keen!  

Looking South to Mount Keen from the substantial footbridge at Sheil of Glentanar. The Mounth Road can be seen snaking up the hillside, and indeed was rideable for about 1k from here. I chatted with a Challenger for a while on the ascent, we discussed if it was worth her actually going to the summit as the clag was down.

Of course you only have my word for it, but this is the trig on the summit of Mount Keen. It was a fair old push, but I was looking forward to the long descent back to the car in Glen Tanar.

Below the cloud and the day was improving the descent was going well, there was a tricky bit on a snowfield just below the summit. I stopped several times to chat to TGO challengers, and for many of them this was their last real hill.

Back at Sheil of Glentanar and of course the top was clear of cloud!

It was a long easy, mainly downhill ride back to the car. This sign caught my eye and made me chuckle!
Another  ambition achieved,  Mount Keen had given a great day 

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