Thursday, 30 June 2011

Greta Gorge

In The "Gorge"
    I must admit I have made the name of the "Greta Gorge" up! I can't really think of a better description of this area. The River Greta runs south of the A66  near Barnard Castle, it twists and turns deep in a wooded gorge for about 5km. I had never walked this before, but looked at it many times on the 1:25000 map. Today with Bill we walked down the south side of the gorge from Rotherford Bridge, downstream to Greta Bridge.                                        After lunch we walked back to the car on the north side, passing through the ancient churchyard of St Marys, near Bignall. The path on either side wasn't used very much although we did see folk on both sides. The sun shone for much of the day, tempered by a cool breeze.

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