Sunday, 12 June 2011

Collecting Marilyns on the Welsh Border

Ruarden Hill

May Hill

Callow Hill

View Edge


Heath Mynd

The Stiperstones

Pole Bank, Long Mynd
      A business meeting in Chepstow on saturday gave me the chance to collect some Marilyns on the way back home. I got an early start and the first hill was Ruarden Hill, it's possible to drive past this top! Then a short drive to the woods below May Hill, the grass on here was really burnt by the sun although it was getting a good watering today. Up and down the same way. A rather longer drive up the A49 brought me to the group of hills round Craven Arms. First on the agenda was Callow Hill with its restored folly, I visited the trig as well although it's clearly lower. Another short drive and I parked near View Hill Farm, to walk to View Hill, no view of course, it was still pouring down. Across to Burrow which would be very interesting in better weather, again just a quick up and down. Northwest a little and the hardest climb of the day to attain the summit of Heath Mynd, this was hard going, pathless with deep heather and bilberry plants. The Stiperstones by comparison have a grand broad path leading unerringly to the rocky outcrop as it loomed out of the mist. A little scramble to touch the trig. As I parked on the road close to Pole Bank the high point of Long Mynd, the wind was driving the rain in just out and back was good enough for me today. The photos are poor, but then so was the weather, neither do these small but interesting hills justice.

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