Thursday, 24 February 2011

Air Ambulance

After the walk (see previous post) I'd only travelled half a mile at the most, I saw what I thought was a scooter on its side beside the road. As I passed i realised a motorcyclist had had an accident and was lying on the grass. He was speaking to the ambulance service, but they were having difficulty locating him on what is a very minor road. He didn't seem to be showing the pain he must have been in, his leg was at a very strange angle, broken just below the knee. I was able to give the dispatcher a grid reference, and within 10min the air ambulance was with us.
The paramedics were very efficient, the only trouble they had was finding a vein. Once the gas and painkillers had taken effect I helped them lift him into the helicopter, and having given my details to the policeman, I drove home.

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