Sunday, 28 November 2010

Greenburn Horseshoe Nr. Grasmere

A classic horseshoe walk in miniature from Grasmere. A stiff climb up Helm Crag, and the views opened up, in all directions considering the fall of snow has only been light in the Lake District, the hills shone under there winter coat. I scrambled up to the top of the Howitzer, it seemed much harder than last time!
The knobbly ridge stretched out in front of me, the snow pristine underfoot, I followed the path as it twisted and turned to Calf Crag and eventually Gibson Knott. I remembered as a teenager on my first visit to the ridge, again in snow but on that occasion very misty as well, I managed to walk in a complete circle, on a ridge only 100 yards wide.
I ate lunch on Gibson Knott, then turned NE to drop down and curve round to pick up the path beside the old fence posts to reach Steel Fell with it's fantastic position looking north to Thirlmere and the Northern Fells. An easy descent led down the south ridge to the road and eventually back to Grasmere


  1. Beautiful photo. You don't need the high tops for a great day out when you have views like this to enjoy.

  2. Thanks,it was a great day, this is a cracking viewpoint, everything just seems right. Bit of snow always helps.

  3. Days like that some of the best views are looking to the high tops and gazing in awe at the scenery.

  4. Yes Martin we are very lucky with the weather at the moment, so often here in the lakes we are "blessed" with mild damp overcast days at this time of year.