Wednesday 8 July 2020

A Short Post for a Short Walk!

I was researching something else recently and came across an image of Nichol Moss Caves. After looking further into their location, today we included a visit to them with a short walk. I don't intend disclosing the location (they aren't marked on the OS map). Presently there isn't any rubbish/litter so lest keep it that way folks. Here's a few images from the day...

We came across this well preserved....but overgrown Limekiln on our way to the caves.

Inside the first cave...

....and the entrance to the second cave. I was able to make a through trip.

Lots of old Yew's hereabouts, these were catching some lovely light.

Then a surprise...a temporary sculpture trail.
So there we have it, including our return on a variation route only 4 miles but full of interest.


  1. Did you get a shot of the well. I see it’s quite a Holy one.