Sunday 7 January 2018

Great End, Esk Pike and Bowfell...from Great Langdale

The forecasters had promised a superb days weather for today, and they were right! I parked in Great Langdale, it was chilly in the shade. But I was soon in the sun as I set off up Mickleden, without a firm is often the case!! This post is a bit picture heavy, hopefully they give a taste of the day.

The walk up Mickleden never seems to get any shorter, there were quite a few other folk heading for the head of the valley

Rossett Gill on the other hand does seem to get easier...I think. I was back in the shade of course, but there were great views back towards the Pikes. 

Back in the sun on the col below Hanging Knotts, and I had decided on Great End as my first hill for the day. It is seen here peeping over the Allen Crags/Esk Hause col.

The snow was just right for good progress, no postholing! This is the view North from the Easterly cairn on Great End, Skiddaw in the distance didn't seem to have as much snow as the Southern Fells.

Meanwhile to the East it seemed rather more cloudy, so I'd come to the right area. I had the summit to myself for a few minutes, but folk started appearing from all directions.

So off I went to the Westerly cairn, and its splendid view of Great Gable et al.

I headed over Long Pike and dropped down Calf Cove back to Esk Hause. Then it was up Esk Pike, arriving here just before a group turned up. Bowfell looked close....

....and soon enough I was on the summit. This is the classic view of the Scafell range. Mickledore the obvious "nick" in the skyline. Once more I had the top to myself!

Great view to the East as well!

To the South Crinkle Crags, but time was getting on, and they'll keep for another day. So I headed down towards Three Tarns....

...pausing to have a look at Flat Crags, although there's no one in this photo there were still lots of pilgrims heading up to the summit.

I paused again above Three Tarns to look down Eskdale lit up by the lowering sun.

From three Tarns its an obvious path down The Band. I had to put Microspikes on for the first time. The path takes a lot of drainage, it had become a mini icefield.
Just a simple walk down to the valley floor, through Stool End and back to the car.
Great weather, a great day. The Strava route is here should anyone wish to see my route.

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