Monday, 2 January 2017

Meldon Hill Via High Cup

Today it was time to tick Meldon Hill off. This is an English Nuttall (2000'er), I've been chipping away at these for over 20 years in a desultory fashion! This year should see the end of them, with any luck!
I can only conclude from today's walk that not many people have completed the Nuttalls....paths were non-existent from what I could see once beyond Maize Beck.
If ever anyone says you're going to be "cast out" this is probably where you'll end up! On with the photos.....

Climbing up the Pennine Way out of Dufton below Peeping Hill, Dufton Pike in the background.

Approaching Narrowgate, High Cup starts to be seen at its best.
Meldon Hill is in the distant distance!

I took the old "flood path" to Maize Beck

The footbridge is still here, I wasn't sure it would be with the new bridge further down Maize Beck making it redundant to a large degree.
Meldon Hill still looked a long way off, and I knew from here the going would be pathless.

Just me and my shadow out today...the terrain hereabouts is best described as "bloody rough", and that's being polite!

High Cup looks along way back from here. Normally as you gain height the going gets easier..not here.

Eventually of course if you stick at it, you reach the top. This is the view to the Northwest, Great Dun Fell, Little Dun Fell and Cross Fell.

The summit? has the remains of a Trig Point, its been demolished. The OS probably didn't ever want to come back here!

I pretty much reversed my outward route, stopping to take some photos of High Cup with the afternoon sun on it.A great day, but tough under the conditions. I was reduced to less than 1mph at one point. 


  1. Sounds a tough walk, I will leave that hill for the distant future!

    1. Wimp! :-)
      I won't be doing it with you neither!!
      My advice go from Birkdale Farm nr Cauldron can't be any rougher!