Sunday 19 July 2015

Rough Stuff Fellowship Ride from Dunnerdale

My turn to lead a ride again, and as these rides are generally planned many months in advance I have no control of the weather! The forecast had been evolving over the past few days from really grim to yesterday when it said not bad at all. I had received an email from Nick and Eileen last night to say they'd come along so at least I knew I wouldn't be "Billy No Mates!" Once we'd met up at the deli at "The Wilsons Arms" we discussed or options over a coffee and agreed on a this is were we went...........

From Torver we headed South down the tarmac lane towards Haveriggholme, leaving the dull central lakes behind.

It wasn't long before we were on our first offroad climb on the bridleway over "The Knotts"

A bit of road work then this byway past Wallenrigg which had been tarmaced in the not to distant past!

From this ridge we had an excellent view over to Stickle Pike and the bridleways we were heading for 

First though there was some pushing up the steep track in Penny Crag Wood

Eventually we crested the ridge and started our descent into our goal of Dunnerdale.

This is a great track much less used than many of the other Lakes Trails

Nick on the final piece of track, the sign said "Broughton Mills 11/2 miles, it felt a lot further!

Off route, but to good to miss Ulpha Post Office provided Ice Creams and Coffee

Then it was up the steep climb of iln Bank followed by this wonderful singletrack which contours under Ravens Crag to Stephenson Ground.

The weather had improved throughout the day, here we look down into the Lickle Valley

Never miss a ford photo opportunity....Nick as we approached Stephenson Ground

Our route back too us into Apple Tree all seemed up hill!
But from the top of the wood it was all downhill back to the cars at Torver.
We all agreed it had been great day, I'd like to say Thanks for the company!


  1. Thats a joyous route. Good places to stop too The Wilsons and Ulpha post office. I hear that The Church House has now re-opened as well.

    1. It is...we spent almost 8 hours, certainly not race pace! More a ramble!
      Its a very quiet Wainwright baggers!!

  2. Nice to see a ride report for a South Lakes Group ride, there seen to be lack of them on the RSF website of late and think the only way folk are going to find out about these rides is via your blog. Anyway on my next Sunday ride I looking at doing the Breasthigh Road in Breatherdale if you interest in coming along.

    1. Hi Simeon...good to hear from you. I see you're getting out for some good long rides and enjoying the new bike

    2. Yes I am enjoying the bike and I have to put in the miles as no longer own motor vechicle.