Thursday 12 February 2015

Furness Abbey and Bow Bridge

Another tupperware day....the forecast said better in the West, so off to Furness we went. And it was dull and damp there as well! Ah well worth a try! Untrodden paths for both of us today, and really rather interesting.

Furness Abbey

These are the surface remains of a Haematite mine above the Mill Beck valley. This area was first mined as long ago as 1235, but these are far more recent.... evidenced by this rather nice quarry tile floor. The building has been demolished, only cows walking on it now!

As we left the old mine behind and gained height towards the village of Newton we would have had a great view over Barrow-in-Furness, sadly the weather didn't do it justice.

We then dropped back down into the valley and had a good look at Bow Bridge, not as old as the nearby abbey...only 15th century!
From here it was only a short way back to the car near the abbey. Lots of interest on this short walk

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