Thursday, 8 January 2015

Eycott Hills or Naddle Crags...Depends on who you listen to!

Continuing our theme of walks with out to much up and down, we parked just North of Berrier...where it was berri windy!

Heading west  the view was filled by Blencathra. Here quite clearly showing its "Saddleback".
Our route onwards was across the wet patch in front, there were several other wet patches on the way.

This is the view from the 1st top of Eycott Hill, it was very windy to say the least!

The next top of Little Eycott Hill is directly infront. Easy going from here if a little damp.

Across the Glenderramackin valley Bowscale Fell and Carrock Fell were being strobed by the sun.

It didn't take long to arrive at Little Eycott Hill, looking South here to The Dodds and Clough Head.

It was still blowing a hoolie when we arrived back at the car, but at least it was on our backs.
These two little hills are Birkett's for those folk who collect that type of thing. Their worth an hour or so of anyone's time for the excellent views.

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