Thursday, 27 November 2014

Along the Lune from Halton

A dull damp and drizzly, mizzly day....still better to do summat than nowt! Here's some suitably dull photo's!

Looking upstream past the site of Forgemill, there's a new hydro scheme being built here using and old weir. Minimal impact...what's not to like!

Towards the "Crook" from the cyclepath...and no this isn't Black & White!!

We had a buttie on one of the benches here at the "Crook O'Lune" before walking back on the Northern bank. The drizzle came on harder and the camera was put away!


  1. Still its great to be out in such lovely scenery what ever the weather.

  2. yes it certainly is Alan.
    Working indoors 5 days a week, its great to see some daylight at this time of year!