Thursday 10 April 2014

An Easy Stroll from Dent

Just an easy stroll from Dent village up the dale before branching up Deepdale, followed by a return beside the River Dee back to the car. Spring has definitely sprung, it was almost warm when the sun shone!

The stepping stones across Deepdale Beck below Double Croft Farm weren't on today's route, good job they were very slippery!

No shortage of routes to take here.....but they all go the same way!

Another set of stepping stones across Deepdale Beck.........

.........thankfully this bridge has been built!

A patch of blue sky at last, a beautiful view down Deepdale. Sadly so many farms are derelict, Scow Farm in the middle distance empty but it still has a roof.

Back in Dentdale and this superb bridleway leads down to the River Dee, a few more weeks and it'll be full of Bluebells.

Back down the North side of the river and past the stepping stones seen earlier. From here it was only a short walk back to the car in Dent. 

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