Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rough Stuff Fellowship Weekend at Dufton Day 2

Sunday dawned a lovely morning. We had a number of options today bearing in mind the hard day yesterday.
The view to the Lakes from the road to the ATC station on Great Dun Fell

Looking back from the private road, amazing vista at this point. We would return to this point later after visiting the summit of Great Dun Fell.

This is where the bridleway branches off to Silverband and our mainly pathless descent to the Eden Valley. But first we had the last few hundred metres to climb.

The summit of Great Dun Fell and the highest tarmac road in the UK. Another tick!! It was all downhill from here for quite some time.

After the pathless section of the descent we stopped for lunch. Here we see a classic image of route planning by Committee!!

Once we'd decided on the route onward we eventually arrived in the village of Milburn. From here minor lanes and some easy bridleways led back to Long Marton.  I said my goodbyes and made my way back to Dufton and the car.

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