Sunday, 3 March 2013

Askrigg and Mill Gill

Mill Gill Force

Todays short walk started at Askrigg in Wensleydale, inspired by the free parking mentioned by the Pieman ( ). We walked up Mill Gill taking time to have a good look at the many pools, falls, and forces. The mature woodland has some fantastic beech trees as the path wends its way upward.
There is evidence of the water being harnessed by mills in many places, lots to interest the industrial archeologist hereabouts.

One of the many small falls

The highest waterfall is somewhat inaccessable, we did however by means of a bit of scrambling and trespassing get a good if precarious view. (sadly no photo worth keeping tho) We picked up Low Straights Lane which led us gently back downhill to Askrigg. 

Low Straights Lane

Although the sky had been overcast, it remained dry again. We're getting spoilt, the rain is forecast for later this week......perhaps they'll be wrong?

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