Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dallam Park and the Fairy Steps

Fallow Deer in Dallam Park

Waking to seeing (or rather not seeing!) an all enveloping dense fog it was decided that a local walk would be wise. Parking at Beetham, we walked through Dallam Park and down to the River Bela. The resident herd of Fallow deer seemed unperturbed by our presence.
We crossed the road and followed the river until beyond the weir it meets the estuary. The tide was well out and the sand nice and firm. Our route then basically followed the old Hincaster-Arnside branch line, eventually leaving it to walk through Carr Bank and past Hazelslack Tower. From here we were able to use the path known as the "Limestone Link", climbing steadily to arrive at the Fairy Steps. We successfully ascended said steps, which are more of a challange to girth than climbing ability!

The Fairy Steps 
All downhill from here back to the car in Beetham from here, although the path through the woods again was extremely muddy, limestone should be well drained!
This completes the 300th post on the blog, I'm rather surprised I've kept it up.

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