Friday, 27 July 2012

Driesh and Mayar

This was a much easier day, than the three previous days efforts, indeed these two can be thought of as "roadside hills". I parked at the foot of Glen Doll, and having crossed the Whitewater followed the Kilbo path up through the forest. Many of the trees have been felled thankfully so the views opened up. Once completely out of the trees the path takes a rising traverse across the Shank of Drumfollow, arriving eventually at the col below the dome of Driesh.
South from the col
The path is very obvious, and leads you unerringly to the summit cairn/windshelter and trig.There were good views in all directions, the north in particular looking superb.
North from the summit of Driesh
A quick descent back to the col, and an easy walk across lovely short cropped grass to Mayer. The cloud was building out to the west so I took a quick couple of photos and set off back to the col.
North from Mayer
From the col I reversed my route of ascent, the round trip had taken just 2.75 hrs. All the time I was out I was thinking how much like "Lakes" hills Driesh and Mayer felt. A short but enjoyable walk.


  1. Misty windy and a bit off snow when u ticked those two off .followed steam down into a nice valley can't recall the name ..

  2. Corrie Fee at a guess? I was driving back on Fri afternoon, having driven round from Braemar. So a quick up and down for me!