Sunday 17 June 2012

RSF ride to Semerwater

Stream Crossing nr Birkwith
We met at the Pen-Y-Gent cafe in Horton-in-Ribblesdale this morning, a good turnout of six for todays ride. Simeon had planned a ride to Semerwater, and after tea/coffee and cake off we rode. The sky rather overcast and a chilly south westerly behind us as we gained height quickly upthe walled lane towards Birkwith Moor. All the streams were running very full although none impassable. Once into the plantation of High Greenfield there was a bit of shelter, the side of the forest track had many Mountain Primrose. Good progress was made beyond High Greenfield the tarmac lane is very quiet, onwards down Langstrothdale as far as Hubberholme, were the road to Buckden was closed. This meant a detour almost to Cray, this helped to confirm our return route would be via Semerwater. After the stiff climb to the "Causeway" we rode a short way along the Fleet Moss track before cowering behind the wall for our buttie stop. Sadly this was disturbed by a couple of idiots one on a quad and one on a full blown moto-x bike(niether road legal). Readers of this blog will know I am a motorcyclist and have been for almost 40 years, but its prats like these who give all bikers a bad name. Lunch eaten the rest of the climb seemed fairly easy, it was then downhill all the way to Appersett, only punctuated by a puncture (sorry!). We were able to get a coffee, and cake for those who needed it, at Raydale Preserves. It was then a short climb before a fast descent to Semerwater which was very full due to the recent downpours. Yet another climb was made through Countersett, to reach the Roman road, this led us unerringly for five and a half miles to the Stake Moss road and tarmac, the surface of the Roman road is actually not that bad. The wind was bitter and right on our nose now as we descended the Cam Fell track, branching of to follow the Pennine Bridleway over Ling Gill bridge to eventually reach tarmac once more at High Birkwith. An easy mainly downhill ride brought us back to Horton, where the sun was shining! It had been a another great ride with the South Lakes Group of the Rough Stuff Fellowship

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