Monday, 16 April 2012

Robens Mythos Duo, first view

Pitched here on only 6 pegs, has a look of a larger Phreeranger
The eagle eyed will see Ingleborough in the background.

Anyone only interested in ultralight gear best look away now. However the Mythos Duo is far from heavy, inner, outer and poleset weigh in at 1814g on my electronic scales. 12 pegs are required, those supplied are DAC V channels, not the lightest but certainly bombproof. I shall combine 8 of these with 4 old pheonix skewers, this will give a in use weight of 1900g.
I was attracted to this tent in the first place because of its very short pack length of 36cm, ideal for packing in cycle panniers. It offers loads of space for one when cycle camping, with 2 spacious bells and interior space of 120cm x 210cm. There would be good space for 2 backpacking.
It has the benefit of inner and outer together pitching or outer first. This evenings first pitch was easy even in a breeze on top of the fell, 6 pegs see it up, 6 standard guys would make it pretty secure. Its not intended to be pitched in exposed situations (I've got an Ultra Quaser for that!) but seems good and sturdy, time will tell.
The other point which put the Mythos Duo on my very short list was it's bargain price, purchased last week from Cotswold at the offer price of £179.00. The service I received from both the Keswick branch and Bournemouth, (where it actually came from) was excellent.
Good interior space, several storage pockets


  1. Thanks for the review. It doesn't look bad at all.
    1.8kl shared between 2 is pretty good and having 2 porch's as well even better.

  2. Cheers Alan, I'll be taking it on it's holidays for a fortnight in France during May. I'll be able to give a more valued report upon my return, see if my hardearned has been well spent!