Friday, 23 September 2011

Bloggin & Gear Reviews

Ok, so those of us who read a number of outdoor Blogs, lightweight and otherwise, will more than likely have read and andy's thoughts on reviews of gear. I am at one with Andy's thoughts on this. I've got to say the chance of me being loaned/given any gear for review are scarce indeed. Anyone who visits this blog will be well aware that there is little in the way of gear testing reported here! I like most am a sucker for the latest and greatest bit of kit, but find that most of it, with odd exceptions doesn't add to the experience but often removes one from it. To be honest I'd rather be out there doing it than sat at home writing about it. My two days off each week are precious time to be spent in the outdoors. Much of the gear I use is no longer made, but is every bit as good as the new stuff, there's almost always a trade off! Doesn't mean I don't like reading about new stuff mind! Back to the point, I'm glad Andy has raised this issue, any reveiw must be transparent to give it any value at all to those out there who are just getting into this outdoor world. Wow that was a bit of a rant!!


  1. Andy hasn't raised the issue. He picked it up. He shore everyone over the same comb, saying everyone going to the Gore Tex summit would be bought and unable to be critical. That's close to being slander; and unproductive at best. If he believes there's a bunch of biased folks going, name them or be silent, but don't assume everyone can be bought with a weekend in Bavaria.

  2. I'm sure everyone can't be bought with a weekend in Bavaria, Hendrik. Of course it might just be that Gore want to hear the opinions of the people they've invited on the trip. But wouldn't it be more cost effective to send the Garments out to the individuals and let them try them under "real" conditions. Then ask for their views in a private e-mail. This arguably would give a less biased result. If publicity is what they seek then so far their doing a pretty good job, and I'm helping them! Thirty years ago or so I was given an early Goretex jacket and asked to use it for several months then report what I thought,The jacket was returned to them. All long before the magic of the internet. More recently, perhaps 7 years ago I was asked for my opinion on a prototype sac, I wasn't even told who made the sac, indeed it had no labels. Again it was returned with my thoughts. Eventually it appeared as a Lightwave! I include these examples only to show that I too have passed opinion on items of gear, but perhaps in a different way.