Thursday, 17 January 2019

Two Walks Above the Duddon Valley

A really beautiful days weather today, barely a cloud in the sky but a very cold Northerly wind meant no unnecessary hanging about. I had 4 Synge's to climb in this area and had in mind to do them all today in 2 separate walks.
As is my habit here's a few photos of the day....

Having parked on the top of Kiln Bank Cross, I set off along the Park Head Road. My first top was to be Brock Barrow...seen here directly above the track in the foreground.

I made quick progress along the track to it's highpoint. It was then only a short climb to the top passing this small dud of water. Stickle Pike is the prominent peak.

There was a cracking view of Caw from the summit.

Back down to the track and up on to "Park Head Road Top"...strange name (it's not near the top of Park Head Road!). Here we are looking back at the earlier ascended Brock Barrow. it was then just a short way back to the car.

Having driven down to Hall Bridge and parked, I headed along the minor road to Wallowbarrow.  

This is the final approach to Wallowbarrow Heald, can you spot the neither could I because there wasn't animal tracks nothing. It was the best part of a km from the Grassguards track, all like this....I may well have nightmares about this tonight!

This is the top of Wallowbarrow Heald and a splendid view across Dunnerdale to the Coniston Fells

It' only a short distance to the next Synge Iron Crag, with another excellent view. It was just possible to see Seathwaite Tarn from here. It was time to head back all my summits for the day had been attained. I chose a different route back, it involved a small trespass but was worth it.

I passed the old farmstead of High Stoneythwaite, a very isolated place indeed. No vehicle access to this one...quad only!
Another great day, superb weather, 4 more Synge's bagged....I did question my sanity on the ascent of Wallowbarrow Heald though!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Whitbarrow Scar

Checking back through my records I found it was almost 2 years since my last visit to Whitbarrow. Today's route was much the same as that walk, and from my pictures of the day the weather was much the same as well! I was surprised by the lack of both wildlife and birdlife....quite a lot of "Hairy Coo's" being grazed up there mind.
Here's a few pictures from the stroll......

Looking North from the highpoint towards the Kentmere Fells

From almost the same place, the view in a North Easterly direction across the Lyth Valley to Scout Scar and beyond

A Yew tree that's had a hard life at the hands of the wind. Low cloud over the Eastern Fells in the distance.

I spotted this erratic on the way back down...not Shap Granite as many erratic's looked more like Borrowdale Volcanic at a guess?
I was only out for a couple of hours but enjoyed the fresh air and views.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

The Swirls

A considerably easier day, and a massive change in the weather. Gone were the sun and clear skies of yesterday, replaced by a typical tupperware scene (to be fair it did lift a bit later on). We parked in the large layby (where all is free!) North of the United Utilities car park, back along the road and up the forest road. This was signposted the "Squirrel Trail", however none were spotted. We followed the trail which makes a circuit of the hill, actually passing very close to the top. Having got as close as was possible to the summit ( I was thwarted by very dense pine trees within about 2metres away) I'm claiming it anyway!!
The view North from The Swirls...This was another Synge which I may have visited in the dim and distant past, long before the felling of the mature trees hereabouts

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Trials, Tribulations....and Trespass!

A busy day with almost as much driving as walking. I headed to the Shap area to start a mopping up operation on unclimbed Synge's in the Far Eastern and Eastern Fells. All of today's hills required a trespass except one. Lots of walls, gates, fences...even walls with fences on top! were climbed during the days activity's. More than once I thought "what the hell are you doing you silly old bugger"...but Hey!!
Here are images of the days efforts, no description of my routes as I wouldn't want to encourage others to follow in my footsteps.

The large rock in the foreground is the high point of In Scar (although the photo suggests otherwise). There was an excellent view Eastwards to the Pennines.

Knotts, this was the odd man out today...access land all the way! In fact I could see the car almost all the way. Just an odd stone or two to mark the summit, grand view across to Heughscar Hill and beyond.

Not very inspiring, but this is the high point of Dacre Bank...I can't recommend this one at all:-(

This is the very rushy top of Brownhow Hill, amazingly it was dry underfoot. Cracking view of Blencathra from this one.

The top of Hagg Hill (Hagg Wood), and total devastation all round...take my word for it walkers/explorers aren't welcome here. I'll spare you the details. Good viewpoint for the lower reaches of Ullswater though

Birk Crag, here we're looking across Ullswater to Hallin Fell, Wether Hill Etc.

The light was fading fast as I nipped up Cockley Moor, although the summit isn't on access land there was at least a forest track to within a few metres of the top. Shame the trees obscure Blencathra.
A productive day, albeit a bit stressful at times. Trying to keep off the skyline, out of sight and generally acting in a furtive manner! God day for wildlife, Stoat in its winter coat of Ermine, a very cross Red Squirrel, and a Roe Deer which stood and watched me eat my lunch for a good 10 mins no more than 20 metres away

Thursday, 3 January 2019

More Synge Bagging

Just a short walk today above Patterdale/Glenridding. Keldas is the well wooded hill between the two villages and provided us with a pleasant enough stroll under the overcast sky. I may have climbed Keldas many years ago...I know I have been to Lanty Tarn before. Of course I didn't know about Synge's then....Here's a couple of pics from the day

Keldas is a grand viewpoint, here looking more or less west towards Birkhouse Moor, Nethermost and Dollywagon Pikes. 

Shame it was overcast, centre is Sheffield Pike the other side of Glenridding

Lanty Tarn, St. Sunday Crag in the distance.
I'm pretty sure it looks a lot more scenic with a bit of sunshine on it!
Anyway another tick, and one of the few "new" Synge's I've climbed recently with a path to the summit.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Continuing my Synge Bagging Exploits

Today's walk was a very inefficient method of bagging Kettle Crag.
I left home with no plan other than to "collect" Kettle Crag above the Great Langdale Valley. Arriving at the head of the valley it was promising to be to good for a simple trot up and down so I set off towards Stool End Farm. I first I thought Oxendale/RedTarn/Pike O'Blisco/ Kettle Crag, but I would have been in the shade up to Red The Band/Three Tarns and the Crinkles it would be...
Heres a few pictures from the day.

Bit of a late start, but there was still a heavy frost on the valley floor

One of the "Three Tarns, and a view towards the Scafell Range with Bowfell Links on the right

From the path along the Crinkles looking at the Langdale Pikes

North..ish from the high point of Crinkle Crags 

Descending to Red Tarn, Pike O'Blisco dominates the view.

Sadly I didn't take a photo of Kettle Crag! My Strava track of the day can be found here .

Long Time....No Post!

It's been 9 months since my last post. When I wrote of my walk up Wetherlam I had no idea that I wouldn't post for such a long time. Maybe I lost my blogging mojo?
I've not been idle over the intervening months, although much of my time has IMO not been worthy of posting. I have spent a lot of time cycling on the road (just over 6000miles and 340,000' of ascent). I've still done a fair bit of walking, especially since the weather has taken a turn for the colder!
Here's a few images from the year, in no particular order.....

I was back up Wetherlam in August!

I had two visits to the Scottish Islands on this bike, here seen at Port Charlotte on Islay

Same bike different tyres! on a day following the "Tour of Britain" stage through the Lakes...and seeing just how slow I was in comparison to the "pros"!

September and we visited The "Sense of Space" by Antony Gormley

October, and a wild walk to Thornthwaite Crag.

The "fancy" bike at Sandside as the sun went down across the Kent estuary
We visited this amazing display of poppies at Carlisle Castle
This was taken at near Gairloch, on a non walking non cycling holiday in Scotland. I was somewhat incapacitated for this trip I was recovering having been found unconscious in a road having had a fall from my beautiful Giant :-(
Amongst all the other stuff I rode the motorbike a bit as on Wrynose Pass in high summer

Didn't do much mountain biking this year so this was a rare event...Little Langdale.
So there we are, working "only" 4 days has made a huge difference to me and my activities. Hopefully the posts will be a little more frequent in 2019...infact I think there may be another very shortly.